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When you built our home in 1994, we never imagined we would some day need to erect a commercial building.  But when that became a requirement, we could not have imagined having anyone else build it for us.

Our commercial building is of the highest quality.  The project was completed on time, and you provided a great value for the investment.  Your attention to details satisfied even my demanding requirements.  As was the case when you built our home, it was a great experience having you build our commercial building.

We had high expectations for the construction of our commercial building, because of the wonderful job you did building our home.  You did not disappoint.

Thank you for providing us with two pleasant building experiences.

Jeff Mathews
President, Old World Molding Co.


--Old World Molding Co.
Home Completed April 1994
Old World Molding Co. Completed December 1997


"Over the last several years, Landcraft Properties has make efforts to refine our way of delivering subdivisions to our builders.  Most importantly, we wanted to shorten our construction time on our amenity sites without diminishing quality.  Kelly Custom Builders, Inc. has joined in our commitment to better service our subdivision builders and their purchases.  In three recent developments, the team at Kelly Custom Builders, Inc. has helped to finish plans, budgets and construction on our amenity parks.  They have shown a sincere partnership not frequently seen in today’s construction environment.  We look forward to working on more developments with them." --Scott Stover, Landcraft Properties, Inc.

Winslow Bay Clubhouse Completed July 1996
Mt. Isle Clubhouse Completed November 1998
Melbourne Pool House, Equipment Room/Tennis Court and Renovation Completed July 1999


"John and I would like to thank you for your work on the remodeling of our home at Lake Norman.  It was a difficult project-we were out of town, the architect was in New York, materials we selected were not common to the area, the design was not indigenous and it was my family home.  Throughout the project you and your staff kept their professionalism, courtesy and patience.  You communicated with us regularly to insure that our wishes were followed and certainly made us confident that they were.  Any issue was and has been addressed immediately.  The workmanship is superb.

As a good friend said to me, “If my wife wants to build another house, she will do it with her new husband.”  Projects like these always take longer and cost more than one anticipates, but you insured that we are still happily married in our wonderful house!

Thank you." --John Fraley and Adelaide Horton

Completed, November 2000


“I contracted with Ray Kelly to build my home at Lake Norman in July 1995; the house was completed in January 1996. I would like to take this time to comment on my experience with Ray Kelly. Ray is the most professional and honest contractor that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Ray always took the extra effort to make sure we made the right choices and decisions during the construction process. Ray Kelly's custom homes are the highest quality at Lake Norman and we are constantly asked by people that visit our house who the builder was. We are always proud to tell them about Ray Kelly and we always recommend Ray to those in search of a quality builder. Ray and I developed not only a business relationship during the construction period but also a personal relationship that we have continued as true friends.” --Tom Athey

Home completed Jan 1996


“We engaged Ray Kelly to handle a substantial addition to a house we were buying at The Peninsula.  Ray was always interested and very cooperative in every aspect of the construction.  Regardless of the circumstance, he maintained a calm attitude throughout the project period.  We would highly recommend Ray Kelly to anyone, and as a matter of fact, we have on several occasions.  We wish for he and his company continued success.” --Ronald and Martha Hawkins

Home Addition Completed October 1995


"We cannot say enough good things about Ray Kelly and his associates. Ray is a very conscientious builder who takes great pride in the quality of the homes he builds. On many occasions during the project, Ray made recommendations or volunteered to do improvements to the house to make it a better quality structure. Ray is great to work with. His personality and building style made the whole process a great experience for us. We had previously been through two other building projects and this one was by far the most satisfactory. Bottom line, Ray builds your home as if it is his own - with great pride and quality of workmanship." --Barry and Barbara Wilson

Home Completed August 1996


“Ray was willing to spend time needed with us at the beginning going over the details of the house so he knew what features we wanted built into the house. During construction, Ray was always willing to make himself available to us when we needed him. It was obvious throughout construction that Ray's primary goal was to see that we were satisfied, and, we were very satisfied. We always felt Ray was honest with us and there was never any doubt that we could not trust him completely. We always felt comfortable with Ray's opinions or responses to our questions or concerns during construction. We feel Ray never compromised the quality of the material or workmanship that went into the construction of our home. Whenever we had problems/questions/frustrations over selections for the house, Ray was very supportive and went out of his way to help us get through those situations. Once construction was complete and we were in the house, Ray stood behind his finished product with any issues that came up after we moved in. Building this house, contrary to everything we heard before we embarked on this task, was a very pleasant experience, and, if we were to ever build again, we would want Ray to build it for us.” --Earl and Jane Schooley

Home Completed October 1996


“We hope everyone will have the same experience we had during the construction of our home. The process was extremely smooth and the quality of work outstanding. I (Dave) am a structural engineer and have worked with many contractors with my business. I am very particular with whom I will work for, let alone build my personal residence. Kelly Custom Builders, Inc. is most definitely at the top of my list. We also found that the subcontractors Kelly Custom Builders, Inc. uses take pride in their work, and it shows with our home. We welcome anyone thinking about building with Kelly Custom Builders, Inc. to take a tour of our home and see the quality for yourself. We always enjoyed teasing Ray, by saying that we didn't believe he was a "real" contractor because he is so honest and really takes pride in everything he builds” --Dave and Catherine Bickley

Home Completed December 1996


“It is with absolute pleasure that I write this letter thanking you for the best experience possible, in building and purchasing our first home. This home is one of the best built homes we have ever seen and the main reason we purchased it.  My husband was amazed at the workmanship and the attention towards even the smallest detail, that was put forth in building this home.  We even have had several builders come by, and even they say, what a wonderful job was done.

Our wonderful experiences did not end there, you and Theresa were extremely helpful in all matters, even when it came to the purchase of carpets, paints, appliances, etc., as well as taking care of all the paperwork that was involved. You both were there for us at all times, even when we locked ourselves out at 11:00pm!!

It was a wonderful and joyous experience from beginning to end, and not only do we have our perfect home, but we have two wonderful friends.

We can’t thank you both enough for all you have done for us, and we would recommend Kelly Custom Builders to anyone!!” --Beth Ann and Rod McFadden

Home Completed October 2000


“Working with Ray on our Mooresville project was one of the best experiences, especially when we were 12,000 miles away. (India) Ray's commitment to meeting all customers' requirements and going all the way to meeting customer satisfaction made our dreams come true in the house. Ray is very dedicated, committed, and willing to go extra in satisfying the customer. This makes him one of the best contractors we have come across.” --Ashwin Nagarwadia

Home Completed April 1995


“Do you want a builder you can trust?  We recommend Ray Kelly!  We were first-time home builders and Ray was great to give us all the information and guidance we needed to get the house just right.  He is very patient, honest, detail-oriented and always calls you back in a timely manner. He is truly committed to quality and backs up his work 100%.  Not only is Ray an excellent builder, he is also a very nice person.  He is a pleasure to work with.  Currently, he is building a commercial building for us.  We plan to "stay with Ray" for all future building projects.” --Jeff and Gail Littleson

New Construction Completed March 2001


"If we had to describe our experience with Kelly Custom Builders in one word, it would be "OUTSTANDING!"

We purchased a home that Kelly Custom Builders had built for another homeowner.  We actually met with Ray Kelly before we even made the decision to buy the house, because we knew we wanted to make some changes in the future.  He assured us that what we wanted could be accomplished, so we bought our home.  After seeing the quality of the construction and meeting with Ray about the possibilities of making the home uniquely "ours," we knew we wanted no one but Kelly Custom Builders to construct our addition.  Ray was with us every step of the way - from the first architectural meetings to the last coat of paint.  We added on to both ends of our house - the master bedroom and the kitchen - both upstairs and down, and we were able to live in it the entire time.  The subcontractors that Ray Kelly uses, as well as the employees of Kelly Custom Builders, are all top notch, easy to work with and considerate.  We made several changes along the way, and added some truly "custom-custom" features, but we were never told they couldn't be done.  Ray and his people always found a way, and we were extremely satisfied.

Ray Kelly takes pride in everything he builds and it shows.  He is such a perfectionist about the quality of work, that we never had to worry about it.  My father (Debbie's) has been in the building material business and now real estate, for his entire life, and he says that Ray Kelly is definitely a one-of-a-kind builder.  No one cares as much as he does.  We can honestly say that our entire building process was pleasurable, and we are thrilled with the results." --Todd and Debbi Parrott

Remodeling/Addition Completed 2001


“The quality of their work is outstanding. They are honest – you can trust them. Very responsive on any issues or changes.  A pleasure to deal with. Kelly Custom Builders, Inc. would be our first choice if we build another home.“ --Dick and Sandy Respess Home Renovation Completed September 1997

Garage Addition 2000


“Ray, we want you to know how much we appreciate you building on to our home.  We are very fortunate to have had you as our builder...others should be so fortunate!  Not a phone call to you went rare.  We felt so confident having you as our builder.  The building-on experience was as pleasant as it can possibly be...we truly enjoyed it actually.  Thank you again Ray!" --Kim and Randy Lambeth

Home Addition Completed March 2001


“Ray Kelly and his team made building my dream home a pleasure. Ray Kelly is an honest perfectionist which makes the homeowner overwhelmed at his successful eye for structure and beauty. I can only praise Kelly Custom Builders, Inc. If I am fortunate enough to build five more homes, ONLY Kelly Custom Builders, Inc. will perform this task. For a grand tour of my home, please feel free to call.” --Gayle Hathcock

Home Completed October 1999


“John and I would like to thank you for your work on the remodeling of our home at Lake Norman.  It was a difficult project - we were out of town, the architect was in New York, materials we selected were not common to the area, the design was indigenous and it was our family home.  You communicated with us regularly to insure that our wishes were followed and certainly made us confident that they were.  Any issue was, and has been addressed immediately.  The workmanship was superb.” --John Fraley and Adelaide Horton

Home Completed November 2000


"This was our first custom home and we were living out of state.  We had many questions and concerns before selecting a builder.  We needed to feel extremely confident with whom we selected.  After meeting with other builders, we met with Ray Kelly, owner of Kelly Custom Builders, Inc.  From the moment we sat down with Ray, we felt that he was a very professional and experienced builder and was flexible enough to meet all our requirements and specifications for constructing our new home.  Ray assisted us with the mound of decisions that had to be made before and during the construction of our home.  He suggested a Designer who worked with us and he made some major changes to the home design.  Ray worked with us through the financing, design, scheduling, selection and building stages and was always available to respond to our many questions.  During the construction, Ray suggested some changes to our plans that improved the overall efficiency of our home.  The craftsmanship was superior, the total construction shows pride of workmanship and our home was completed on schedule.  We now live in our dream home and we highly recommend Kelly Custom Builders, Inc." --Don and Cindy Carter

Home Completed September 2006


“We are absolutely delighted with our new home built by Kelly Custom Builders.  We’ve been in the planning and preparation process for this home for several years, and it took a contractor like Ray Kelly to make it happen.

Our build was not a “normal” one, as we needed complete handicapped accessibility for our son.  This required Ray to make a lot of adjustments to the way he normally builds a home.  We found Ray to be patient, understanding, and very straightforward.  Our son now has a home that he has complete access to.  Ray, you may not realize it, but you’ve made a real difference in a little boy’s life.  Lastly, we were on a limited budget in getting this house built.  Ray was always willing to step in with suggestions to help us contain costs.  His integrity, accessibility, patience, and thoroughness have made our home building experience with Kelly Custom Builders a very pleasant one indeed.  Our thanks to Ray, Michelle and the entire team at Kelly Custom Builders.” --Michael and Judy Ditto

Home Completed April 2008


"We feel fortunate to have selected Ray Kelly as our contractor.  We did an extensive remodel; all new plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and essentially gutted the inside and much of the outside of our home.  Our goal was to create the house that we would live in indefinitely as our primary home.  Ray partnered with us to make that happen.

When selecting our builder, we met with roughly ten builders.  They all came highly recommended from friends and trusted real estate professionals.  Ray had built a house for our neighbors and they suggested we talk with him.  Right off, we found him to be easy to talk to and up front about how he works.  He readily provided a substantial list of references for projects of similar scope and scale.

Throughout our project:

  • I spoke to Ray almost every day (we still talk to him at least twice a month).
  • Ray was transparent with sub-contractor selection and billing.
  • We openly discussed changes and challenges.
  • Ray dealt swiftly with issues.
  • Ray treated me and my family as if we were his only customers.
  • There was a constant collaboration between Ray and our architect.
  • The schedule was meticulously managed and adhered to.
  • Anything that was likely to compromise the budget or timeline was accompanied by multiple alternatives.

Ray is a professional builder with top-notch contractor relationships.  We would hire him again and we recommend him to our friends.  Ray is an honest and trustworthy builder who sticks to his commitments.” --Adam & Connie Ortiz


When we decided to build our dream home we wanted to find a builder that shared our commitment to quality and integrity. We contacted Ray Kelly, of Kelly Custom Builders, based on the referral of friends who used Ray to build their current and previous homes. We were so pleased with the first meeting that we decided on Ray as our builder before we had even engaged the architect. Ray joined us in periodic reviews with the architect and offered numerous insights and suggestions during the design process. Once construction began Ray kept us informed with the same calm and professional demeanor we had grown accustomed to during the design phase. Ray was consistently open to any change requests and always clear about the impact on costs and project timelines.  We developed a strong trust-based relationship with Ray that gave us a high degree of comfort during a complex process that many find stressful and unpleasant. We are so pleased with our new home - it is our dream come true. We would absolutely recommend Ray Kelly to anyone building a custom home. ” --Bill & Catherine Taylor

Home Completed March 2008

"Quality craftsmanship, commitment, competitive prices, integrity and an unusual attention to communication and details - that is how I would describe Ray Kelly and his team. We had a long distance construction project and Kelly Custom Builders handled everything smoothly while we were off site. Ray provided consistent email updates and photos and completed the construction, I believe, as he would have done if our project was his own home. Not in a way that was necessarily the easiest or most economic for him.  He was also directly involved in the construction on a day to day basis and took the time to discuss decisions with me on a regular and consistent basis, which was comforting.  Ultimately, I think he takes as much interest and pride in our home as we do, which is unique in my experience. Michelle helped us complete many tasks along the way that, I suspect, would have been left solely to the owner with most companies.  That was very helpful and appreciated. 

We could go through example after example.  The bottom line, however, is that we entrusted Kelly Custom Builders to build our dream home.  In the end, that trust was well placed and we couldn't be happier with our home. 

I consider each of them all friends at this point and would recommend Kelly Custom Builders without reservation to anyone looking to build a custom Home." --Todd & Angela Kruger

Home Completed 2013


We met Ray Kelly of Kelly Custom Builders, Inc. in August of 1997 who provided us with a proposal stating the project cost estimate, commencement date, and completion date to build our 3000 square foot office addition.  Because this estimate was competitive with the estimates we had received, and because of Ray Kelly’s general attitude and obvious attention to detail (we had previously seen some of his work), we chose Kelly Custom Builders, Inc. to do the addition-while we continue to work in the existing portion of the building!  Kelly Custom Builders, Inc. started on time as promised and completed the project 3 months ahead of schedule!  The actual cost of the project (excluding the known on-the-job changes) came in under the estimate, which in the building industry seems pretty miraculous to us!  The crews who worked on the job were all respectful and courteous, and they were here when they said they would be.  In addition, Ray Kelly was personally involved on the project through its completion, which was comforting to us when issues and decisions came up.  Ray also provided a great deal of advice based on his experience when decisions had to be made, though he ultimately did whatever we asked him to do.  Basically, when you’re looking for a builder and you want someone honest, knowledgeable, professional, conscientious and considerate; you should call Kelly Custom Builders, Inc.  You won’t be sorry. --Randy and Jody Roth, Owners of Vitex, Inc.

Commercial Addition Completed November 1997
2nd Commercial Addition Completed July 1999
Custom Home Renovation 1999

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